Ravi Iyer


Raga Punch

by Ravi Iyer

Released 12/07/2015
Released 12/07/2015
Ravi Iyer is a highly acclaimed guitar player & composer in India. Having started with his formal training in Tabla (Indian Percussion) and later picking up the guitar, he is known for his unique brand of world fusion music sounds.
(In memory of my aunt Late Smt. Padma Iyer
(Exponent in Carnatic Music, Violin & Saraswathi Veena) Ravi Iyer

RAGA PUNCH is a concise collection of 5 compositions by the highly acclaimed performer and composer Ravi Iyer. Reminiscent to an EP this album is a refreshing treat to the listener with organic sounds, blending multi-instruments and Ravi Iyer’s characteristic brand of music and sound. The intriguing compositions begin with an interesting traditional Hindustani classical music style and take the listener on a sojourn through contemporary world music sounds. A well-balanced blend between his guitar and the Saraswathi Veena, Sitar, Violin, Vocals supported by the core rhythmic arrangements of the percussions (Mridangam & Tabla).

The title track of RAGA PUNCH viz; ‘VEENA VADINI’, features two versions wherein the Reprise version features collaboration with children having impaired hearing & speech supported by the NGO - New Hope Foundation. This self-titled album has been recorded by Ravi Iyer at Ravi Iyer Variant Audio Productions and mixed / mastered by Shekhar Kusuma. RAGA PUNCH is an easily absorbable punch of 5 popular Hindustani Classical Ragas presented in a contemporary form catering to a wide repertoire of listeners across various genres.

RAGA PUNCH is dedicated to Ravi iyer’s mother Smt. Saraswathi Iyer who is also a mentor to Ravi Iyer for his training in Indian Classical music and has contributed to the album and composed the melody for Veena Vadini, a poem penned by the highly respected poet Shri Suryakant Tripathi Nirala (21 February 1896 – 15 October 1961)

Original Poem (Lyrics by Poet Suryakant Tripathi Nirala)

वर दे, वीणावादिनि वर दे।
प्रिय स्वतंत्र रव, अमृत मंत्र नव
भारत में भर दे।
काट अंध उर के बंधन स्तर
बहा जननि ज्योतिर्मय निर्झर
कलुष भेद तम हर प्रकाश भर
जगमग जग कर दे।
नव गति नव लय ताल छंद नव
नवल कंठ नव जलद मन्द्र रव
नव नभ के नव विहग वृंद को,
नव पर नव स्वर दे।
वर दे, वीणावादिनि वर दे।

English translation: copyrights belong to Smt. Saraswathi Iyer (2015)

O Goddess! The one who plays the Veena!
Bestow your boon on us all!
Fill our new Bharath (India) with sweet songs of freedom!
And chants as sweet as nectar!
Free our hearts from the fetters of darkness!

O Mother Divine! Let the river of light dispel the darkness of dirt and differences and fill the entire world with brightness!
Bless the birds (people) of the new country,
With new skies, new tempos, new metres, new melodies, new voices and new songs!

Performing Artists in Raga Punch

Smt Saraswathi Iyer - Composition

Ravi Iyer - Compositions / Custom V-Ravi Guitar / Acoustic Guitar

Rupak Dhamankar - Tabla / Shakers / Overheads

Krishnan Narayanan - Mridangam / Co-Production

Rajalakshmee Sanjay - Vocals

AkashDeep Gogoi - Bass

Saipriya Viswananthan - Saraswathi Veena

Chintan Katti - Sitar

Finix Ramdas - Violin

Hearing & Speech impaired children from Utkarsh Mandal’s Late Smt. Usha Jamnekar Mookdhwani Vidyalaya .

1. Prachi Devrukhkar (chorus & supporting lead vocals)
2. Sarvari Khan
3. Anmol Mishra
4. Bhavika Jangam
5. Khushboo Saroj
6. Nagma Shaikh
7. Bhumika Gadkar
8. Mihir Khemkar
9. Prathamesh Ghante

Supported by New Hope Foundation (NHF).

President of NHF Mr. A. Swamy and chief co-ordinator Mrs. Sunetra Vishwas Rao

Utkarsh Mandal’s Late Smt. Usha Jamnekar Mookdhwani Vidyalaya, Vile Parle East (Mumbai).

Principal Smt. Sadhana Sapre.

Teachers, Smt. Poornima Kulkarni and Smt. Manjiri Agashe for training the children.
Legal Advisors Vinay Menon, Advocates Vidhii Partners, Advocates.

Cover Art Concept by Ravi Iyer.

Designed and hand sketched by Devaki Singh.

All tracks recorded by Ravi Iyer @ Ravi Iyer Variant Audio Productions.

Mixed and Mastered by Shekar Kusuma @ Ravi Iyer Variant Audio Productions.

Layout & Printing by Ashok Compugraphics.

Produced by Ravi Iyer

Happy Listening !